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A Solitary Stroll at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 by Katherine Jackson

Treasures found on Back Bay Beach courtesy of Katherine Jackson

For a solitary stroll in nature, check out Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge at the south end of Virginia Beach. You won’t encounter many people, but during the winter months, approximately ten thousand migratory waterfowl, such as ducks, snow geese and tundra swans, fly into the area. It’s a sight to see. Add more than three hundred species of avian residents, including endangered species such as piping plover, peregrine falcon, and bald eagle, and the refuge becomes a bird watchers’ paradise. Through management of dikes and water impoundments, the refuge provides sustenance for the traveling flocks. To accommodate the wintering waterfowl, the trails along the dikes are closed to pedestrians from the first of November until the end of March. However, adjacent to the Visitor Contact Center, three short trails remain open throughout the year.


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